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A, A has a large and diverse group of people, but not an equally large number of different social styles, and A1 is a high-end society with a few people from each social style.

B, B1 has a large and diverse group of people, but very few of those people have developed a unique style, or there is only one unique style.

B2 has a high-end society, but the culture is very isolated, and people with a unique style are rare.

C, C’s society is still very high-end, but there are many different styles that exist, and everyone has a unique way to look at society, no matter what their social style is.

C1 is a high-end society, where no one has developed an unique style, and everyone has a common opinion on social matters.

It is very probable that A1 will be much more social than B1, for very different reasons.

Theoretically, A1 could be highly individualistic, B2 could be highly collectivist, and C could be highly socialistic.

These are very different social styles, and we cannot know what their combined effects will be, for they will be very different from each other, and they will change as we develop more understanding.

So far, A1 is definitely high-endsocial and B1 a high-endsocial society; and C could be high-endsocially, C1 could be high-endsocial and B2 an socialistic society.”

Theory of Social Systems and Systems Modeling

“Most theorists are now well aware of the basic role played by a system of social systems in the evolution of a particular social system.. They know that a complex social system (the social system in question) can be organized into many different parts… [and] that each part can be thought of as a special case of some other system. ”

A system is a system of individuals or groups.

Each group is composed of people “of the same sort” i.e. individuals who know and agree on a few basic things, or individuals who have some common things that are more or less unique in some regard. There is a tendency in modern society to assume that when a group of people “knows something” a person of that group must know something. For example a group of people whose job involves doing a lot of manual labor to keep a large corporation running may believe that

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What does each way mean? – Horse Racing Results Yesterday Racing Post
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