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The handicap system was devised to keep track of the best horse racing conditions for racing in England. In an attempt to improve and promote horses’ conditions in races of considerable difficulty, it was decreed the handicap limit to be a maximum.

There are no exact figures on the handicap, but it is estimated that around 250 handicaps are used for the various types of horses used in the various courses of study by the Government. It is understood that the maximum handicaps are used for all races. To use some example: A horse used for ten races in a year has a handicap of eight points. This means that the horse could win two races and lose the result of the other, where this would not prevent him from winning the first race in the following season. The horse could have a handicap level of four points, so that if he won another race his total points could be doubled, and in this case the maximum value of an advantage would be four hundred points; whereas an advantage of one point has such value that winning a second race and losing the first would cost the horse around a hundred points. These figures are given as a rough guide only.

As an important matter the handicapping of a race should always be done in the light of the handicap limits for the particular type of courses in which it is to be held.

The handicap system for racing is designed for the consideration of the best horses and for that reason some of us will never use the handicap system for handicapping a race if the point can be saved through the use of the general handicapping system.

Although the handicap system should always be used in all courses it should not be applied to certain other races, for example the equestrian races.

How can it be used for training horses?

In general, the purpose of training is to encourage the horse to work harder. That is the one aim of the training method. However, it is not necessary to run a race if possible. The aim of training is simply to enable the horse to be better able to work harder in a given course than he might otherwise have been.

The training methods for training horses vary according to particular factors, among these, the following:

Height of the horse; (in feet)

Number of horses; (in number of horses)

Number and weight of competitors in the race;(in people)

Equipment: (in size, weight, etc.)

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What does it mean to handicap a horse race? – Daily Newspaper Horse Racing Tipsters
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