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“Antilide” means “on water.” The term can refer to either an off-highside or an off-camber approach. The approach from an early horse can help you with off-highside, but not quite as much off-camber. (In these horses, you will often see the line break to one side and then the break into a straightaway.) The off-highside approach is better for a horse with great heel lift, but some horses with little heel lift will be able to manage the downhills in a manner similar to a downhill race. The off-camber approach is preferred for most riders, but some horses just will not feel comfortable running overhills and may be a bit more hesitant than other types of horses in this type of section. (Again, you will see a line break to one side and/or break into a straightaway on this approach.)

How about the downhill?

If, when you are in a race or competition, there is an approach point where you feel as though this is going to be a bad approach, you’ll want to stick to a more uphill approach instead. The off-dive downhills with the line break usually will be an okay horse to go downhill. These horses are typically a bit off what you would race downhills with, and they may be a little bit off the track than you are comfortable, so just use the downhill approach.

What’s a good crosswind?

A good crosswind is usually between 20° and 30°, though there are exceptions to this with some of the older horses. Generally speaking, crosswinds are better than a headwind.

Which horses will really benefit from a crosswind?

Some of the best horses on the block, such as Prince and Jackpot, will benefit from a crosswind. They usually are better off in the top-2 or top-4, especially if the crosswinds favor them for all but 1st or 3rd places. These horses will want to crosswind and it’s their way of “buying” their position. Some will also go faster if they can get into a crosswind than if they did just stay in a headwind.

Which horses will really suffer from headwinds?

One of the worst horses on the block is usually one that is in the top-4. In the top-8, the poor horse is usually a lot less capable of doing

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What does NAP mean in horses? – Horse Racing Today Newcastle Australia
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