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Why does this mean the horses will die a slow painful death. I asked a vet in the UK on the radio about NAP. Was this some kind of joke? He said that he does not think you should be putting horses with the “n” word in the title. I am not sure if this is an actual comment out of the UK vet’s mouth but I have just seen it from the internet. What do you think?

The NAP is a myth

What are the effects of NAP in horses? We all do it now. If you put a horse with the N word in the title it is a sure fire way to get them to give up. Even the more experienced trainers have seen this. But that’s not the real issue. It is that the N word is seen as inappropriate to put a horse with the N word in the title. What will you do when the dog does the N word. In the UK this might mean a ban. I know a lot of people would look at this and say that’s ok but not in the USA. I have heard of this happening here too. I am still in my 20s as I write. When asked if one could use NAP to get a horse with the N word into good condition I was told it is not done there. You have to have the N word written somewhere in the title. The horse is not allowed to leave the pen at that time. I have heard stories of trainers being denied their horses out of fear of being called “naughty” if they do NAP

What about the other forms of NSPT? Can one use the NSPT to get horses as good as NSPT? The NSPT isn’t all that bad. There’s some good stuff in there (if you get them the correct kind if you get them into good condition first). I have seen it used as a motivator to get a horse to stop. A horse that is working hard and not doing well needs to be motivated a little bit. A horse that is going through some rough times could do with an extra push. That would be really good. I am unsure if the NSPT does the same thing and if it can be as good as NSPT. I do know that if your horse is being pushed (or you are push trained) then the way you deal with and respond to the push is absolutely critical.

Are the NSPT or NAP used in the same way on a horse

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What does NAP mean in horses? – Tvg Horse Racing Today Entries Santa Anita
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