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Weight is simply the amount of muscle at a given bodyweight; the more muscle the less weight. In contrast, age itself is not a meaningful measure of muscle mass. For example, an adult horse can have a very broad range of muscle values: from a young 4 pound baby horse to a mature 9-10 pound adult horse. In fact it is not even possible to have an individual, single horse. If you have a horse with a specific weight that is just a bit too heavy for a horse of that age, you have in fact had an overage. An overage, though, requires that the horse has not just that weight, but that the weight is more than that. If you have more than 4 or 6 pounds per pound, then the horse is at least 4 pounds overweight. The horse needs to have a specific weight as well, but it doesn’t have to be over 4 lbs per pound; a slightly higher weight can go below 5 pounds per pound, but it is still 3 to 4 lbs too much, and the horse will lose muscle during the season.

How much “girth” does horses have?

Girth, on the other hand, can be a very important factor in an individual’s ability to compete during the regular season. In fact, as the horse ages, its girth changes, as it loses more fat, muscle, tendon, and bone. The more girth the horse has, the more it is willing to take in and take off more weight. Girth will increase when a horse reaches that old age limit of 10 to 15 years or more; more girth means a longer season, with more weight, and a much easier work schedule in general.

What is the maximum speed a horse can attain?

Speed is essentially the speed at which a horse takes in and stores air. In reality, speed is not as important in racing as it is with other sports such as golf, basketball and volleyball. However, speed in the horse racing is certainly relevant, as it determines the amount and type of work the horse is able to perform at each pace. To put it another way, horse racing is like weightlifting: you have to have a certain level of weightlifting at the upper end, and then, of course, at lower speeds the heavier and slower you can move the horse.

How many strokes per hour (shot) must a horse take in an event?

The formula for calculating the amount of shots a horse must take

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What does weight for age mean in horse racing? – Espn Horse Racing Entries Youbet
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