What does weight for age mean in horse racing? – Horse Racing Results South Africa Fairview

Weight (kg)

Most racing horses weigh between 60 and 100 kilograms (170 and 280 lbs), although some are as large as 350 kilograms. A horse with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 is considered overweight, while a horse with a BMI over 35 can be considered obese.

It’s recommended that every horse be examined by an accredited veterinarian when weighing between 25 and 75 kilograms (40 and 180 lbs.). If a horse weighs between 25 and 75 kilograms (40 and 180 lbs.), they must complete a weight-training program.

Weight (lb)

If a horse weighs 0.35 pounds (0.12 kilograms), they need to be weighed weekly to ensure that they’re still healthy enough to race. They must continue to participate in the program until they are 0.35 pounds (0.12 kilograms) or more.

Age (years)

The age of a horses age depends on how far off they are on their racing schedule. A horse’s age is given in years, and if he’s between 18 and 18 weeks of age, he’s 12 years of age. All horses of any age must comply with all age-related restrictions.

Age restriction (years)

All horses must comply with any age-related restriction. They must be in the racing field at all times whether they’re allowed or not.

In some states, a horse may be judged as being over 12 years old at one race, but is considered too late in puberty to enter a race of that type.

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A horse’s age is usually shown on their health card or registered horse registration, but not every state has a set maximum age of 12 years. The health card usually states that a horse’s maximum age is 12 years, and will be different at different races.

Other restrictions

Other restrictions such as any medical, physical, or behavioural requirements are also listed on the card as required.

Restrictions usually only require a doctor’s note.

Mature horses have been known to be judged as 16 years old, but the maximum age is currently 12 years.

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What does weight for age mean in horse racing? – Horse Racing Results South Africa Fairview
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