What horse number wins the most? – Dubai Horse Racing Schedule 2020

The horse number wins the most is determined by the top 100 horses.

Who is in first place?

All horses are placed in first for the first time when a race is run.

Who is in second place?

All horses in second for the first time.

Who is in third place?

All horses in third for the first time.

Who is in fourth place?

All horses in fourth for the first time.

Who is in fifth place?

All horses in fifth for the first time.

Who is in sixth place?

All horses in sixth for the first time.

Who is in seventh place?

All horses in seventh for the first time.

Who is in eighth place?

All horses in eighth for the first time.


When can I visit the races?

You can visit the races anytime at the following locations:

Where to find the location of the racing day (Daytime or Late Late)

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What horse number wins the most? – Dubai Horse Racing Schedule 2020
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