What horses are racing today? – Penn National Horse Racing Schedule

Are you ready? I hope to be racing horses soon. I also enjoy riding. That’s probably the key word here. If there is a horse running and you wish to do well against it, you need to be at the front. You need the horses to be fast and in perfect condition.

Do you think you have the skills to race, but lack knowledge to do so? Do you think you should use a book that is good in a particular way, and use that? If so, then I encourage you to give a try at reading some of the races of the 19th and 20th centuries. Read the history of each year, particularly the years before the end of the World War I. This is important as these horses may very well have had some very powerful rivals already.

Is there a horse you were never able to compete against, and will never be able to do so again, that you want to ride, but you cannot, or will not learn how? Are you in the position for such a horse?

The following pages offer further examples of the kind of courses you might take for a race with this kind of horse, or for that matter, any horse. For more advice on these things, see: Riding with horses

Race Course

The track needs to be wide enough to permit the horse to run in plenty of space.

The horse’s body needs to be well-rounded to permit well-directed turns at the pace he wants to ride at. If it is too narrow, the horse runs like a kangaroo, which is the wrong way to run.

The horse needs as much space before the turn as possible before making his right and left turns at the correct time.

The horse needs to be turned in a way so that he can run as fast as possible. If his body starts too far forward, the horse is thrown down.

The turns should be as straight as possible for the horse to be turned. Sometimes the straight turns require you to lean over the horse, but this must be avoided.

Once the horse is done racing, let him to the side of the track in order to rest and be ready to ride again in a few minutes. A slight bend in the track may prove to be a good thing.
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Gaining Control

How do you apply the control necessary to control the horse? Do you run into the mare or do you let her make the first move? Do you give an advance

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What horses are racing today? – Penn National Horse Racing Schedule
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