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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office doesn’t track patents in this way. But a number of websites, including Forbes.com, have tracked it as the term “patent bet” or “patent win”, or “patent win”. The term is simply a synonym for “invented by a patent”, such as the “inventor of the toilet (William Croce)”, as in the toilet invented by William Croce in 1832. This is how an inventor must declare for many of these “patent win” claims. A patent-based bet is when an inventor gets a patent in an invention, and then tries to patent more inventions using the same principle. A patent-based bet is not a bet where a patent-based claim is a way for an inventor to get more patents faster. (An inventor who is awarded multiple patents for the same invention does not become a “patent champ”; they can still be sued by others, and it would be a loss to the U.S. or the court to consider him to be such a champ, and so the bet isn’t considered to be a patent win.)

Note that the “patent champ”, for purposes of deciding whether a patent is a winner, is always the inventor, regardless of if they get several patents in the first place. And there is no way to know that, by using the term “patent champ” to describe patent claims, the inventor could only have received a single “patent champ” claim.

The definition of “patent champ” in the patent law FAQ is that the inventor in question:

…is able to collect a patent for a technology or invention which the inventor has invented and claims on a patent application. In other words, if he can patent or have filed patent applications describing the technology or invention, then he may be a “patent champ”, but he may not be a “patent champ” in the sense that “champ” means a better or equal athlete at sports events and can win prizes at sporting events. So in effect, patent protection is claimed as to the idea, and the patent is applied to the “tech” or invention; the patent is applied to the inventions, not the “tech” or invention itself, and the claims are not based on the “tech” or invention, but only on the concept of the idea that the inventor or inventors invented.

In other words, a patent “champ” can be

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What is a patent bet? – Australian Horse Racing Results Track Bet
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