What is a patent bet?

A bet is a contract between two parties to perform services, and is usually formed as a result of a previous contract.

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A bet was awarded to a contractor at a court’s order on the basis of a contract made by the contractor to a client. The bet was awarded to the contractor under a contract where the parties could not agree to terms that were acceptable to another party under current law. The parties agreed to a number of terms that included a specific number of hours per week to be worked and a fee for this.

The parties went on to agree certain terms that were acceptable to each other, or as an alternative for the parties to agree to terms that were acceptable to both parties. The terms that were accepted by all parties. The parties agreed to make a bet, in which the party that agreed first was entitled to win. The initial bet was then reduced as each party agreed to terms that were acceptable to their party.

Examples of bet payments include the following:-

Wages paid to a contractor after a contract has been made

Losses to an employee that must be paid by the employer

Losses in the nature of breach of contract

Payments which fall outside the scope of a contract

Examples of the payment being outside an agreed amount include:

Rental expenses that cost over and above the normal costs of the accommodation.


Insurance (such as a company car)

Insurance which is not covered by a company car.

Payments due to the contractor after a contract is made include:

The cost of doing business.

The costs if the contractor cannot perform in good faith

Any fees awarded to any party

Paying out damages

A bet is not payment of money or money’s worth but simply paying a fee to the contracting party on a time frame. If the contractor is not sure if the contract he has signed has been breached then the employer will make an order to pay the amount due. The order can be withdrawn as long as the contractor makes it clear that he or she accepts the order.

Payment of wages after a contract is made

It is unlikely that a bet will be repaid after a contract is made, as the contract is usually only terminated early if the employer determines he or she has breached the contract. However, wages paid by contractors to their employees will not be refunded when a contract is made, as wages are a taxable condition in

What is a patent bet?
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