What is a racing nap? – Horse Racing Schedule 2019 Fredurbyre Texas

A racing nap helps to make your brain clearer and stronger. Research shows that running or swimming after a racing nap can help to boost your concentration.

Some common types of racing naps include:

Racing naps before a marathon

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Racing naps before a 10k

Racing naps before a triathlon

Racing naps before a big race

How many racing naps per week is best?

Research shows that each racing nap helps to boost concentration. The optimal number of racing naps depends on a lot of factors. Here are some of the factors that impact the number of racing naps you need:

Stimulating the brain

When you’re racing, you’re doing a lot of things. These activities include:

Racing in the gym, on the track or in the snow, and even in the rain


Hitting the track

The intensity of your training also plays a part. Research, however, shows that in the long run, training should be done at an aerobic level. If you’re racing, however, that doesn’t mean you’re training at anaerobic levels. It’s best to focus on maintaining an aerobic level for the long runs and on training at an anaerobic level for the long training runs.


Age makes a difference in how many racing naps you need. Research shows that adults need around five racing naps per week to achieve peak brain activity. There are some age groupings that provide even more naps per week. Adults ages 18-24 need just under five racing naps per week for peak brain activity. People ages 25-34 need at least six naps per week for peak brain activity. Those ages 35-44 require at least seven naps per week. In older age groups, your brain may not be able to do the training as well and this may be a problem.

Other factors that affect your racing naps, the research shows, include:

Exercise intensity

Number of naps

Time of day

If you’re the one making the rules, here’s some tips and facts about racing naps.

The best time of day for racing naps

There are all sorts of things that can influence whether you need to race or not for a racing nap. Some things may be less relevant in the afternoon than those at the end of a day. Other things may not have

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What is a racing nap? – Horse Racing Schedule 2019 Fredurbyre Texas
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