What is a Trixie bet?

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A Trixie bet (also known as an “expletive-laden” bet) is a type of wager in which the player puts in 1,000 (for a “1” if that player is correct) or 999 (for a “0”). The odds of winning a Trixie bet are always 1:1. The bet then pays out as soon as the correct answer is drawn, although the payouts are usually less than the initial bet would pay out.

Most Trixie bets use only letters (and sometimes numbers) and some uses even symbols (an Ace on top of the word “Trixie”, for example). Each word (and possibly symbol) used may be used more than once in one Trixie bet, although not as often as it is commonly used. Each word is worth 2¢, unless the words are so long that it would cost more to use them. To avoid this, the bet is not called until a correct answer is drawn – in the case above, the answer was the word “Trixie”, which was worth 2¢.

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What is a Trixie bet?
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