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• What is the simplest thing that the average fan could do to increase the fan experience at their local horse racing facility?

• What is the most important reason why the racing community is so supportive of the sport?

• What are the five biggest risks in racing to the integrity of the sport?

• What is the biggest misconception about the sport?

• What is the biggest misperception about the sport?

The winner of our popular horse racing quiz will be announced on Friday. If the answer is a 5 or lower then congratulations to you, you have just won the Racing Cheat Sheet!

I’m a big fan of the “cure-all for everything”. In fact, that’s one of my favorite phrases in the literature. Cure for everything is all the solutions that can be worked around in all different ways. When we use the phrase “this is a great problem” we’re saying that this is a serious problem for us- that it affects us- that we just want some sort of fix. All problems are solved by some sort of solution and, in many cases, the best solution is what you want in the first place. Even if you need to get a few things fixed, getting a solution is great. But, when you go to the doctor, you don’t just want treatment for a big, obvious, and hard problem like the flu- you want an actual cure to that ailment. Cure-all can get us into a situation where we say “well, there’s nothing wrong with my current medicine that will help me, so I’ll just move on… and hope that the cure will work the same as before”… which isn’t always possible.

But, when you go to the doctor, they don’t just give you medicines- they give you medicines and ask you how you’re feeling right now. How do you know when they’re giving you things or giving you some sort of medicine and how your health is doing as a whole? That’s an entirely different level of medical care, and one that I think a lot of us aren’t used to understanding. And I have a good feeling that, without a thorough understanding of the medicine, you’re going to have a really hard time getting the cure to work for you as a whole.

I want to share something I’ve heard from others that really surprised me:

Dr. B: Dr. B just took care of me for several weeks- he has been my doctor for five

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What is the most important factor in horse racing? – Horse Racing Secrets
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