What is the most important factor in horse racing? – Penn National Horse Racing Schedule

The most important factor in the horse racing industry is the interest of the people in the world that can benefit from this sport. The interest of the people here in the United States is so great. I really feel that we represent the best interest of the country. There should be no difference on this. This is America, people here in the United States will be able to come here for their horse racing. If you look at the number of people who go to the barn, it’s the same kind of thing. If we’re successful, that is something that should never change.

What makes the racing industry in general so fun and exciting?
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The only thing that matters is winning. Even when you have a bad day or have a tough trip, at least you won. And winning is something that will always help. The only problem that can come from winning is that it hurts your credibility and it hurts the sport. It hurts what some may see as winning for you. So when I speak to people, I just say, ‘I really think we deserve it and we have to work and win the next four months and then we can go racing.’ That’s what I tell. It doesn’t matter if your riding is bad if you win. If you’re winning then you are a winner. Now when I look at it, you can have a bad day and lose and still win the horse fair and square. If you want to win, then win. I love winning, and I think you should win, but if you’re going to lose, then lose, but win it fair and square. If you’re going to lose, then you should be able to win. If you want to win, then win and give your best, because when you’re winning, you’re winning for the public and you’re winning for your country.

What’s the secret to surviving a difficult day, and staying sharp?

You could say that this question is a little bit too complex, but it’s the same with everything that I say. If I do that, I never lose because that makes no sense. If I don’t get that question right, then, it means that we have a bad day and I won’t come back here and I don’t have to win the race because everyone would like to know this and they want me to win.

Your horse racing career started off well and there’s still quite a bit left to go. But there’s a lot of growth ahead.


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What is the most important factor in horse racing? – Penn National Horse Racing Schedule
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