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One has to recall the sad news that the most notable feature of the old world palace would have to be the huge black hole that lay in the center of the square, the center of which would have been a long black tunnel, a hole that would have allowed an extremely fast transportation speed of people and material.

On the other side of the black hole, a vast area of empty space in the center would have existed. This space could include large quantities of food and fuel to keep in orbit of the base.

The people at Earth and on the colonies on the planets that orbited the Earth would have to rely on the underground transportation provided by the Black Star as the only way to get around. Without the tunnel or even the tunnels that connected the Black Star to orbit of the Earth, the Earth population would starve to death.

As the center of gravity would have been located somewhere in the middle of the square, the tunnels would have been difficult to build and transport, meaning that no one knew the exact location of the center of gravity by where they were living, and so would have to rely on some kind of underground transportation to get through. This also implies that the center of gravity would have been extremely close to where the base would have been based.

A lot of people had speculated that it is possible that the Black Star might have been some kind of asteroid that crashed into the Earth. But it turned out the asteroid wasn’t the Black Star. As soon as things collapsed during the explosion of the asteroid, it fell back towards the Earth’s center.

It would have been impossible to make the Black Star fall in the center of the square.

What was the Black Star?

The Black Star, known officially as the “Star of Light” was discovered by German rocket scientists, Otto von Kármán and Wilhelm Heinrich Röntgen, in 1933. In the fall of 1941, after the invasion of the Soviet Union, the Black Star was used by the Germans who occupied the USSR to train their rocket teams. After the war, the Black Star remained hidden and was never used more than on special occasions by the Germans.

In the early summer of 1951, several Russian scientists visited the Black Star, and found several things that they thought might be worth the risk. On 27th August 1951, the Russians returned again to the Black Star, and the scientists found two items that were not quite natural: a huge cylindrical piece of rock which was thought to be

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What killed Secretariat? – Timeform Tips For Tomorrow
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