What post position win the most Kentucky Derbys? – Horse Racing Films On Netflix

(Answer: 1st)

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This will be the last time any of these post positions lose, so it should be interesting.

The SEC’s position winners:

1. Texas A&M (14.1 PPG)

2. Florida (13.4 PPG)

3. Auburn (13.3 PPG)

4. Mississippi State (9.8 PPG)

5. Oklahoma State (7.4 PPG)

6. LSU (6.4 PPG)

7. Arkansas (5.7 PPG)

8. Tennessee (5.3 PPG)

9. LSU (4.9 PPG)

10. Kentucky (4.8 PPG)

11. Florida Atlantic (4.7 PPG)

12. Ole Miss (3.7 PPG)

13. South Carolina (3.5 PPG)

14. Vanderbilt (2.4 PPG)

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15. Tennessee (1.8 PPG)

Auburn was a surprise entry at #2, mainly because of the fact that FSU is no longer on the schedule; no team lost more games this year (30 to 22) than the Tide.

Now, let’s look at Georgia.

(Answer: 1st)

The Dawgs have had an average of 14.3 PPG over that span as they’ve finished third in the SEC in scoring (12.2 PPG) and first in the West in points allowed at 7.6 PPG. I was a little surprised to see Mississippi State as the only SEC team with seven wins over SEC-quality teams (at least two games more impressive than the Bulldogs).

However, this is a ranking system so you can’t do anything about SEC win margin, which is going to make this ranking a little different from the rest of the rankings. Still, it’s interesting to see how much of Georgia’s success is dependent on SEC play, considering the Bulldogs started the season so competitive, but then fell off in late November.

So there you have it. Five teams with winning records in each conference made the top 20.

But it’s not easy to beat a ranked team like Alabama this year. I mean really, how do you beat a team like that?

I’ll let

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What post position win the most Kentucky Derbys? – Horse Racing Films On Netflix
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