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What is the GDP per capita?

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We are now at the dawn of a new era for the Indian economy. Although the economic growth rate is much lower than the 3.5% recorded in the last years, this is mainly because of lower oil prices, lower consumption due to the absence of an employment policy, the increase in the number of people taking up manufacturing and increased exports. All other factors that impact growth at lower rates are also positive factors. What are these factors? Firstly, in terms of technology and the growth of the base of productivity in the country, there is definitely a change, this means lower energy consumption. Also, the economic slowdown could have been much deeper in terms of the reduction in rural labour force. However, these two factors are still positive and are being implemented in some manner.

What is the biggest concern of the investors?

The concern is the slowdown in the economy. Investors are looking at how the country is operating over the next few quarters. And if the pace of growth does not pick up, this can cause a slowdown in investment and increase the risk to the investors. However, India’s growth rate currently is higher than the world average, for some reason, investors are taking more care of the country and less care of the economy. On the other hand, because the current rate of GDP growth is quite low, investors are still confident in the economy, which will continue to grow in the next few quarters.

What is the biggest danger for India?

While this is also an important factor, there is the perception that the current growth rate does not represent the growth of India, or of the economy in general. Also, India has much more potential, so if there is a slowdown, the entire country’s potential will be wasted. So, all in all, this is an important concern to investors, this is why it is a very important factor. Also, the recent trend of corruption within the government could affect growth in the next few quarters, in fact, it is likely that the government could even be forced to do this.

If you had only one country to choose for investing, what would it be?

It would be China. For me, China has much more potential than India, because China now has a lot of potential because of its manufacturing industries. And since China has the lowest exchange rate in the world, Chinese companies are able to compete against the Indian companies.

India is ranked as one of the most expensive destinations to invest in. What

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Which race has the biggest population? – Super Bowl Picks And Parlays
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