Who is the best horse racing tipster?

The best racing tips for 2018 are listed at this link.

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“When I asked what he did, he said he worked in construction, but I didn’t tell him because I didn’t want to seem like I was judging him. When I told him I wanted to help him, he said yes. And when we got to the store, he told them that I couldn’t go in,” Ms. Willson said.

She added that for him to call her a “coward and a slut” was degrading, adding, “I knew he saw all the attention he got from the media.”

Mr. Cote said he had no regrets. “I was surprised and surprised that he would go public about this. Maybe he would have never said he came out after I did. But he said that he was trying to tell me something, and I had to listen. It was just so uncomfortable and humiliating that someone would do that,” he said.

He said he has come out three times before. “For a long time, it was more something I had to work through. But I figured this was my way of asking for change, and it was my way of doing that. My message to the media was: ‘I need help.'”

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Who is the best horse racing tipster?
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