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Dive Brief:

The EPA has proposed reducing carbon pollution rules, but the Trump administration is holding out on that decision while it considers other executive actions, according to an analysis from the Sierra Club.

The rule, introduced in December 2015, would be the first EPA standard to cut carbon pollution from existing power plants.

But according to the group’s calculations, the proposed policy reduces future costs by $4.1 trillion over 25 years, and $9.3 trillion in 2030.

Dive Insight:

When the EPA proposed the rule in December 2015, it was the first federal agency to formally adopt the goal of reducing emissions from U.S. power plants. That goal was set by the Clean Air Act, and it is currently set by the State Department under the Clean Water Act.

The proposed EPA rule targets carbon pollution from existing power plants, which accounts for about 35 percent of all CO2 emissions from U.S. facilities. The EPA rule specifies how much of that carbon must be kept in the ground, which would then be disposed of, or put under storage to prevent it from blowing away.

While many say carbon pollution is a major factor in climate change, the Trump administration seems to be trying to avoid tackling it through increased regulation, and in some cases, cutting back on regulations already in effect.

In February, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced he would be seeking to shrink regulatory burdens on coal producers and on existing power plants, saying that he had been pressured into the position by industry. He said that he was open to reducing the regulations, but he did not want to “create a new regulatory burden.”

Last month, he again said he would be open to cutting back on regulations and doing away with carbon pollution standards.

On Tuesday, the

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Who is the fastest horse of all time? – Really Nasty Horse Racing Game Rules Download
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