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“The only way they’ll know is when the court-martial starts”

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It was a beautiful day, so I set up the tripod for the day. It’s always nice to watch those wonderful photos – they’re just amazing.

It’s hard to imagine that I was in South America in February last year when I heard the news that a group of climbers had abandoned a huge mountain.

I remember seeing news stories quoting a group of eight climbers being picked up by helicopter during the night at Puno Grande. They said their ropes broke on the third pitch, then the group had a falling-out, with them going back down on their own rope and descending on another.

They were lucky. One man was injured – but everyone who climbed the mountain survived.

When I woke up on the morning of that trip, I went home and tried to come to terms with it.

I just couldn’t believe it. Puno Grande was my dream destination. You know, it’s a bit of a trek and a bit of a journey. You’ve got to travel from the Andes in the Andes down to the Colombian border and back over to the Colombian mountains.

I wanted to climb

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Who killed Phar Lap? – Sky Sports Horse Racing Tips
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