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What does your horse do when startled?

You may already have seen my video “What did my horse do when startled?” and the responses from other readers. It was quite interesting to hear comments like:

“I was so amazed! He would have given me a heart attack.”

“I’m so amazed your horse can go on a 30 mile jog. What do you have to do to make him come back to you?”

“Your horse has developed a very low heart rate. Your best move in my eyes is to get your horse into a stable. This is when everything stops.

“You must train your horse. Get him accustomed to all sorts of new things. If he’s trained to ride a bike, then he will be very confident about anything. Go on in a new direction. Try to teach him to fly – there are lots of horses who can. He’ll fly all day if he understands.”

And so on.

My biggest concern with horse psychology is that so many people are not training the horse properly. Many people seem to believe that because a horse’s not trained properly, she’ll not work.

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I always tell people that horse training is more of a “treadmill” than a race. Yes, it can be intense with some horses, but not with all.

It takes some time to build a stable relationship, but once horses start training with each other, training gets easier and harder.

Here is what I do. I take my horse to the vet to do a check-up and tell you about the checkups, especially if you want to know more. I also recommend checking with your vet about any health problems you might have. It can be good to see your vet. She might have questions you’re not aware of. If I see something, I will try to answer them. I have heard people say that the vet has to tell them how to train a horse to feel good. It’s important to know how to feel good. I have also seen how to make sure that horse is comfortable with the new environment.

And here is where you can get some information of your own. I am always glad to respond, particularly if I have anything to add! If you have a question about any of my techniques, I can give you my insights. I love the opportunity to answer any question. Here is a little list of things you can do to make your horse feel good:

Take your horse out

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Why does my horse rear? – Australian Horse Racing Results Archive
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