Month: July 2020

How do you take off clothes?

Why didn’t you wear any? Why did you dress very well? What’s going on! You’re the only sane girl there,” a girl yelled at her. Another girl yelled back, “I want to be called ‘the crazy one,’” while several girls were yelling back, “You crazy! You crazy!” The confrontation continued for the entire lunchtime. A […]

What is the best photo editing app?

The FBI will not release detailed information about its inquiry into the alleged leaking of sensitive information on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails, FBI Director James Comey announced Friday. “As I have previously stated, the FBI cannot discuss the existence or nonexistence of an ongoing investigation,” Comey said. “However, based on our review, […]

Is Krita better than gimp?

I guess it depends what you mean by “better”. While gimp makes you feel like an animal, Krita feels more like a picture editor, while you can choose what to change, and adjust the quality of the image, it doesn’t give you a total control over the quality, or the editing process. You have to […]

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