Month: August 2020

Do professional photographers use Photoshop? – Photo Editing Software

It’s hard to believe what we’ve all learned recently. You see, last December, in an attempt to answer this very question, we put together the most comprehensive research ever into what professional photographers actually do using Photoshop. The result? We compiled over 100 hours of professional photographs by professional photographers and found that they do […]

Is Krita better than gimp? – Photo Editing Master Online

(1 of 2) Krita, like GIMP, is intended to be an open source application for graphic authors, like photographers, writers, illustrators, photographers, writers, illustrators, photographers, graphic artists, graphic designers, photographers, photographers, graphic designers, graphic designers, gimp creators, graphic designers, gimp creators, graphics programmers, gimp programmers and gimp programmers). Krita is not for gimp users. Krita […]

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