Month: September 2020

Is Darktable as good as Lightroom? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Elements Definition In Math

It’s hard to evaluate the quality and speed of Lightroom by comparing it to another program. But if the best Lightroom is at about 60MB and the best of Darktable is about 5MB, a comparison based on those metrics should be able to provide an answer to your question. If you find darktable’s speed impressive […]

What is the going rate for freelance editing? – How To Learn Photo Editing In Lightroom Youtube Camera

The freelance editing rate varies. Some freelancers do freelance work and some have an hourly rate that they get when they post their work on websites. Some do freelance editing, and some don’t. You must determine from the freelance editing rate exactly how much you can live on for as a freelancer, and that determination […]

What do professionals use to edit photos? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Painterly Art Definition

In our opinion, there are 3 fundamental approaches to photo editing. 1. A professional edit: You’re a professional photographer, you’ve always done it this way. You start with the initial idea, and start editing as you are editing. You use your professional editing skills as a reference. 2. A casual edit: Here you keep the […]

What editing app do YouTubers use? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Photoshop Fire Font

Click the link below to see the most popular editing apps in order of popularity. Which app do YouTwist editors use to create each video? (Only YouTwist editors that have used one of these apps) The first three episodes of the critically acclaimed American animated drama ‘The Grand Tour’ are available to stream on […]

What should I charge for editing? – Learn Photo Editing Techniques Lightroom App Download

What should I pay for editing? This is just a brief description of this particular topic and might not apply to all situations. Please note that in most of these situations you’ll also need to purchase a proper service contract which will detail your fees in much greater detail. Some authors are afraid of being […]

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