Do all photographers use Photoshop?

Well, no, you absolutely should not, at least not if you’re not happy! However, those who go to other software programs need to know how to read things like the colors in your images, so if you really want to avoid Adobe’s mess and work for yourselves, you need to learn how to use colors in Photoshop.

Here’s a good video to help you learn how to use those colors and your other senses as well:

Does your camera have an aperture ring?

That’s cool, but you probably need to use a camera lens first. Why? Because the aperture function in Photoshop requires a lens to be rotated so that the image is properly exposed and contrasty. The same goes for camera exposure, and you really need a lens with some extra f-stop and aperture. What’s more, you’ll probably want to use something with a shutter that’s much faster than shutter speeds for your camera.

The simplest way to find out if your camera has an aperture feature is to open up the camera’s menu (if you don’t have that yet, the easiest method is from your camera owner’s manual) and look for the “Aperture” icon.

For a detailed explanation of how this works, read this article.

You can also use the lens’ aperture control to open or close the aperture if you want. You’ll need to press the shutter release a few times to open the aperture, before a number popups appear to control it. If those don’t work to open the aperture, just repeat the steps, but you’ll need to stop every few seconds to fully open the aperture.

Can I use a digital camera with an aperture ring?

Probably, but it will only work for the specific camera or device. If you want to use a camera other than your usual camera, it won’t work because of the special camera lenses and sensor of that camera. You can also try the free Creative Cloud Photos apps for Apple iPhone and Mac. The best ones will have built-in aperture-shutter button, but you’ll have to download them separately.

Another approach is to connect the camera directly to another computer with an expansion card, like the one pictured above. Make sure the card is compatible with the camera (such as Nikon F3 or Canon EOS 7D). After it’s connected, turn your camera on, and you will be able to control aperture with the buttons of your computer.

What about flash? Do I

Do all photographers use Photoshop?
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