Do I need Photoshop if I have Lightroom? – Photoshop Cs5 For Dummies Pdf


Lightroom provides a simple Lightroom interface for adding images to your Lightroom library. You can also add files using Lightroom’s image processing features (e.g., color management, image stitching, etc.) or editing tools (e.g., brushes, text tools, and more).

If you use a tool that doesn’t allow you to add or edit files directly (e.g., Adobe Photoshop), you can still use the Lightroom interface and use its native features without adding files in your Lightroom library.

The image processing support for Lightroom includes:

Photoshop’s advanced image processing features enable Lightroom to add metadata from your images to an external image database to aid in processing.

Photoshop’s advanced tools allow Lightroom to automatically crop, rotate, sharpen, and enhance your images without you having to do anything.

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Lightroom will also automatically add tags to selected photos, so you can find and view previous tagged versions if you ever need to.

If you need to add files to your Lightroom database (e.g., for archiving), Lightroom will automatically apply the metadata as a Lightroom item.

Installing Lightroom on Ubuntu 16.04¶ To run the application: Edit your user configuration file (such as /etc/profile ): set [user] user.default_command_line= “curl | bash -s stable” If your version of Lightroom 6.4.1 or earlier uses python3 , replace python3 with python4 Set a password for your installation (if not set already): if [ -z ” $password ” ] ; then /usr/bin/lpd adduser -d -G admin root sudo chown admin:admin /usr/bin/lpd unset password cd /home/user/.local/share/lpd/ make install fi Change the configuration file’s contents to match your installation path (e.g., /usr/bin/lpd config set –user=user -g) to avoid problems. If you get non-GNU package error when installing Lightroom for the first time on Ubuntu 16.04, you may have installed a version in which the installation process fails when you try to use –user for the first time. Please update these packages to the latest packages for your system. For more information see:

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Do I need Photoshop if I have Lightroom? – Photoshop Cs5 For Dummies Pdf
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