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We are still investigating this but we had seen some discussion on Twitter and Facebook and we thought that our photo would give an insight into the creativity of National Geographic photographers. So, if you have any questions about National Geographic please write us a comment below.

Do National Geographic photographers use any sort of software to enhance their images? How do you create your images?

We are still investigating this but our team uses Adobe Photoshop CS5 through Photoshop CC and have recently moved to a more powerful graphics processing engine. I would need to test more but it is definitely worth asking.

What’s the biggest misconception behind the images you shoot?

The misconceptions are more likely to come from those who are not in our camp, the people who live outside of our base camp (which is a very small group of people). What people don’t realize is that we have a base camp full time that hosts about 25 people at any one time. We keep things very minimal and our camp has minimal rules (the group usually meets at the same time on weeknights). We have also never had to deal with people coming and going with a lot of baggage and sometimes with an attitude. I will tell you however, that once these people are off base (to visit their friends) they are back with their friends, so they are much happier with their lives and I can assure you that their happiness and well-being is exactly the same as ours and much, much better than our lives. We are very privileged to be involved in something like that for the last 10 years. We have done a lot of wonderful things but it has always come back to just what we do. Not only do we shoot amazing pictures, we can help people on the ground by providing them with important advice on life outside of the base camp: health care, transportation, and food.

How do you feel about people taking photos with their mobile phones? Can you get them banned?

This is a good subject for a feature, but the vast majority of National Geographic photographers have a camera and take great shots with the same equipment they would use on the field. Mobile cameras have the potential to get shot and take them out of commission because they take time off of the photo process. We have had this happen with our camera – they just take longer for us to process and they take time off everything else that needs to be done for the shoot. The reason we only allow the use of a few cameras for the shoot will be discussed in a future National Geographic

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Do National Geographic photographers use Photoshop? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Bangla Newspaper
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