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It’s hard to believe what we’ve all learned recently. You see, last December, in an attempt to answer this very question, we put together the most comprehensive research ever into what professional photographers actually do using Photoshop. The result? We compiled over 100 hours of professional photographs by professional photographers and found that they do not shoot Photoshop, although a small number do use Photoshop occasionally.

In addition, we asked professional photographers about their opinions about what they use in Photoshop with which they are often asked by clients, and to put it simply, there’s not much consensus. Of the 100+ professional photographers who responded to our questionnaire, 92% said that they use Photoshop regularly, and just over half (48%) said that they use Photoshop occasionally. Only 28% of professional photographers said that they use it “some of the time”, and even fewer (17%) used it often.

We hope you’ll take the survey and discover something you never knew: professional photographers never use Photoshop and don’t recommend it. (We are working on an update now; we have a few more questions, like what the average Photoshop use is or how much they save.)

The main takeaway is that photography is not a job for professionals. If you want to be a photographer, be an artist. That’s where the fun comes in.

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And that’s not to downplay the impact of photography as business, because it is a powerful force of change and creativity, but only if you embrace it and invest in it. If you’re a designer, you may think that the work comes naturally (and you may be in the right) but the only way you’ll be able to truly change the world is if other people do the work.

Photography is a serious career. If you want to be a good photographer, you need to learn the craft. You need to learn about the tools and techniques needed to be successful as a professional photographer, and you need to understand the business side of photography as well. You need to know that not everybody can be a pro photographer if you work for a living. If you want to be a photojournalist, be a journalist; do not buy your own equipment or learn this field. The work you do will determine whether your business is viable and whether you have the time and patience to become good. If you have questions about photography or a project, call us, or send us an email at

It might be hard to believe this,

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Do professional photographers use Photoshop? – Photo Editing Software
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