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Maybe the answer is yes, however Google Photos has a fairly limited search engine to its name. There are only a few options, and of those you can’t use filters and effects. The search engine, and most of the features it offers, come at a cost – about $25 for a year.

Can Google have your image? A website search on Google will return a picture. The photo is taken using an internal processing engine and then sent to Google’s server to be processed before being uploaded to the internet for use by others. If you want to use its image you’ll need to contact the person who took your image via a contact form. Otherwise, you’ll have to make an account, or request a copy of it.

I haven’t found a Google Image Search?

If you’ve searched for your picture with Google Photos (or any of the thousands of photo sites) you’ll probably have found no results. If not, you may have received a “This page does not support an image search function” error when starting the search. It’s likely that if you used Google Photos in search of your image, you did so via Google Search.

You can go to and enter “Search Google” and search as often as you wish. Then click “View Images”. You’ll see results for some people’s images, as well as yours. If you see more than one of those results you’re likely to have an image problem. It’s best to go straight to Google Webmaster Tools and look for the keywords “Search Google” with the “Search” box selected. If you find that the page does not support image-searching you can contact Google. It’s recommended to check the following to troubleshoot:

“Allow” this page:

If you’re searching your own image, click “Allow” and you’ll see search results from any search engine on your own page.

“Disable” this page:

If you’re on Google Photos, you’ll see it in the sidebar of the page if you click “Disable”. To disable it, click “Delete” next to it.

“Add” it to a page:

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If you have any image images that you don’t want people to have access to with the default image search, or images that you have saved but don’t want to see people accessing with a generic image search, use add “Add to page”.

Use image-

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Does Google have a photo editing software? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Photoshop Cc
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