How do I clean up an image in Photoshop? – Learn Photoshop

To clean up an image in Photoshop click on the pencil icon at the bottom left of the screen.

To undo a clean up click on it and select “undo”.

To undo one last clean up click the pencil icon again.

What tools help me improve my photos?

You will find many examples of tools inside the Adobe Photoshop CC. If your looking to make a little change in the image, or if you would like to change the look of something a bit, we have lots of tools with the tools list. The Adobe Photoshop CC tools list will give you the ability to make a small change to some parts of the image.

Image Adjustments

Image Enhancement, Brightness and Contrast

Image Blur

Image Brightness, Contrast and Tone

Image Exposure, Highlights and Shadows

Image Sharpness and Contrast

Image Tint

Image Blurring

Image Effects

Photoshop Tools and Effects

Additive Processing

Brightness, Contrast and Tint


Color Balance

Color Mapping

Contrast, Saturation, Lightness and Vibrance



Drawn Character (Ricochet Effect

Dust Effect

Image Enhancements


Darken and Lighten Levels

Darken, Lighten and Vibrance



Ease out of the image

Enhance in Focus

Enhance Distances

Enhance Text

Enhance Saturation

Enhance Vibrance

Adobe Photoshop Training Course for Beginners
Enhance Tone


Expand in the middle of the image


Fade in

Fade Out

Fade in and out in separate layers

Exposed and Portrait

Exposed and Portrait, Lighten and Lighten Levels

Expose in the middle of the image

Exposure Balance

Exposure, Luminosity and Levels

Exposure, Shadows and Saturation

Exposure, Saturation and Levels


Full Screen

Fill Light in all areas in the image


Forward, Backward and Rightward

Frame Size

Frame Effect

Frame Depth


Flood, Spot and Streak

Flood and Spot in a single layer


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How do I clean up an image in Photoshop? – Learn Photoshop
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