How do I clean up an image in Photoshop?

The easy way (in some cases) is to just go through the image (or select it) and then use CTRL-C and select ‘Paste image into Photoshop’ to get the image, and then save it so we can get straight into the image manipulation tool (Photoshop).

For more information on creating images from layers see Creating images from layers

Note that when you need to add an image to the layer, you will need to drag it from the document to the layer from which you want to change (i.e. from the document to the ‘Layer’ panel).

How do I add new layers to my document?

Select all your image layers and right click in the document where you want to be adding layers and hit New Layer. You can get a good idea of how and where the new layer should be added by looking at the new Layer dialog box (it’s there in the left hand menu by the ‘…’ button)

Tip: If you see a new layer not existing, click on the button ‘Create New Layer’ then ‘Manage new layer’

If you get “Creating Image Not Found” it’s because the new Image you created doesn’t exist (i.e. you might have put the new image in an empty layer above old or damaged images). So, delete or move the new version to an extra layer before dragging it under old or damaged images.

How do I see what’s going on inside my document?

To show what’s happening inside your document just click on the ‘Window’ button. Here you should see what’s happening inside the document. Just click on an image to go to its location in the document, or select an image to go to its location within the document.

Tip: When using a document you can use the ‘…’ button to go to the left hand hand menu and select the one you need. To exit that menu press ‘Z’ or control C to close it.

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How do I show only part of an image or how can you add pictures to a document?

When you have several layers in your document all showing the same information, it may be useful to show just part of the image or to hide any of the main areas of images. In many cases it’s faster to hide the whole object (or the whole image) rather than select a part of it (as shown in the example below). So, to hide an object or a section of

How do I clean up an image in Photoshop?
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