How do you do basic photo editing? – Practice Photo Editing

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You’ve got your photos, you’ve got a simple filter, you’ve got your camera… and it’s time to start adding some editing in.

If you’re a beginner in photo editing, and want to understand some basics of the basic functions, I recommend to start with the following video:

Creating a basic filter for a photo:

There is one more feature to add on to your basic photo editing functions, and that’s a little image layer (like the one you see in the end of the video).

As you’ve seen in the video for basic photo editing, you can apply different filters to the “unzipped” image, and a basic layer of it, and then you can use the image layer to apply the same filter to the whole image.

How to make your own “Layer” layer in Adobe Photoshop:

As you can see in the example above, you have a “Layer”, which is, literally, a layer. You can do many things on a layer, but we’re going to use layer to create a simple filters in Photoshop. We’ve got a simple filter you want to create. This simple filter, in this case is the “Fade”. This is a very, very easy filter to create.

So, all you need to do is to go to Create > Layer (if you’re in photoshop), and select your “Layer” layer, right click (or just press “ctrl + click”), and select the “Create” dialog.

Give it a name, then make sure the “Layer” is selected, and you’ll see that in the bottom left corner of the Create dialog a small button (more in the bottom picture) called “Create Filter”. Click the “Create Filter” button. You’ll see two options – “Filter” and “Filter Mode”. Click the “Filter Mode” button.

Click “Apply” to apply the change you’ve made.

Now we simply press “C” on the image layer to add a new layer.

Go to “New Layer”, then to “New”. Then under “Layers” click on the “Layer” name. Then, under the “Create Mask” box, click “Add”.

Go to the “Layer Mask” box now, it should look similar to the picture above. That’s it. That’s your “Layer”.

Let’s add a bit of blur to the image. Just select it by pressing

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How do you do basic photo editing? – Practice Photo Editing
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