How do you edit photos to make them look professional? – How To Learn Photo Editing In Lightroom Tutorials

This post contains the most famous example from the photo editing world:

The “Taken” section in a Flickr user’s photos shows the artist’s name and date, but does not show their name. So, I’ve created “Taken” sections in photo editing software like Photoshop, Lightroom and GIMP or in GIMP’s own “taken” sections, but I am not using that feature so that people don’t have the impression that I am the artist and I am the one behind this photo, which I am not!

After all, who would want to edit a professional photo in the manner of someone that uses the name of the artist themselves?

As a person who has worked in many professional studios, I can speak to the process many times. I am not the artist who created the photo with their name and year. They took this photo by looking at the lighting and decided to put a nice splash of colour. I am just an employee who was lucky to be able to work with a person like this. My goal is to give an accurate idea of how the photo was taken, rather than try and “make it look professional”.

In the same way, all Photoshop settings are just examples and could be altered after it is taken. I can’t change the lighting or anything except for “Taken” and “Original”, but that is what an editor can do after it is already uploaded, so there is no need to “do it.” This means that the real work is done once it is uploaded.

There are many people who have been inspired by this blog post. For those who are thinking about editing photos, they should read the article about tips to take photos that aren’t photoshopped, the article about Photoshop tips and some other articles about photography from my blog for a long time.

Some images in this blog were edited after uploaded and others were added later but in this post, I’ll concentrate on the later. In this post, I am taking my personal experience to tell a “tour” of the process I went through to create the “Taken” and “Original” sections in various photo editing programs.

The first image in the “Taken” section in my Flickr profile. This is the first image that was taken.

So, what is the process of creating an edit (in terms of the “Taken” section)? Well, I first created the “Photoshop File” where “Image Name” was chosen

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How do you edit photos to make them look professional? – How To Learn Photo Editing In Lightroom Tutorials
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