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The biggest part of the process is taking pictures. As I mentioned in my first post you should take everything as a shot, as the last person to take the picture can be your least favourite. I prefer to start with a low exposure so as to be able to see the picture in as many different lighting conditions as possible. As I said before the lighting is as important in a picture as the focal length is. In a portrait you want to use the subject as a focal point so make sure you’ve got the perfect focal length in mind. This means taking a few pictures where the subject is close to the light, not at a great distance. I’m a firm believer in using black as the background if possible, it gives your subjects a little more depth or character and gives your subject a little more breathing. I like to photograph a face as it will be easier to take good shots of the entire head as opposed to taking some portraits in front of a mirror.

You may also want to take some portraits of yourself where you can see the natural features of your face (head, shoulders, teeth, lips, eyebrows, eyebrows, etc.), these will do the trick as it will show off the face in a way that it won’t be so obvious in photos.

Here are some tips to get you started with taking pictures!

1. Find a good light. If you’re not sure if it’s safe, I recommend using the same white umbrella as in order to get the best light conditions.

2. As a general rule don’t over expose your picture — the reason I use a white umbrella is because of my photography style. Over exposing gives a dull photo and makes the background darker than it actually is in reality. To see a more detailed list of over exposed photos click here. The key to this technique is to take pictures in natural lighting (where your subject is in the foreground and in their natural state. As we’ll see I use my camera on a tripod during the pictures below.

Here is a couple of examples of what I mean — see how my head looks at the top of the page and above?

These are two photos that you would take as a side by side comparison of the two subjects — they are both taken as a side by side comparison. Notice that the right one is more exposed than the left one. It is because my camera is better at picking between natural lighting and artificial lighting. It’s a matter of finding what looks best for you — make a

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How do you edit pictures perfectly? – Learn Photo Editing Reviewsnap Glassdoor Salary
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