How do you remove clothes from Iphone photos? – Photo Editing Practice

The iPhone 4S (SGH-I337) does not come with a tool/device to remove clothing from the camera.

How do you adjust the angle of my iPhone and Iphone camera?

To adjust the angle of the camera, I use a small object (like an apple or a stick) at the bottom of the phone (not on the device).

What are the results of using a tilt camera?

The angle of the iPhone and Iphone will always be correct, even when the phone is tilted away from the camera lens.

Does using an angle of view of the iPhone or Iphone camera affect the video quality?


How long is the battery life of the iPhone 4S?

The battery of the iPhone 4S lasts about 9 hours of video playback on standby.

How long does the battery life of the iPhone 4S last when the phone is not in use (for example when it’s on the table).

The battery of the iPhone 4S lasts until approximately 1:10 hours before the display turns off.

How to get the battery level of my iPhone 4S?

Press and hold the button on the back of the phone for 10 seconds until the battery light turns off. This should display the battery temperature.

Can I store my iPhone 4S on the same battery capacity as the device?


Can I take a video while the user is holding my device (e.g. using a flip camera)?

No. Videos, images, and audio captured with a flip camera do not automatically convert to video (though certain apps allow turning video into audio) and have a limited playback time.

Can I download other user submitted iPhone 4S videos and photo collections?

No. These collections are not uploaded to and are accessible only to those who have registered for These collections also cannot be posted on other online newsgroups.

How many videos, videos recorded with a flip camera, and photo collections of the phone 4S exist?

More than one million of the 4S have already been submitted and uploaded by the members of

Do the files include the actual hardware component (i.e. the LCD screen)?

Yes. The files are completely compatible with the iPhone 4S, including most of the components

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How do you remove clothes from Iphone photos? – Photo Editing Practice
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