How do you sharpen an image on Photoshop? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Painterly Style

One of the most common misconceptions about sharpening on Photoshop is that it only works by increasing the pixels that are “sharp” and not altering the overall image.

This isn’t the case.

Sharpening with your mouse tool, also called a sharpen tool, changes the edges of the image or the whole image. This means that you are essentially sharpening the edges of the image not the edges of the image.

This means that, for example, sharpening on one side of the image (say, to a sharp mid-level area) won’t improve the image at all, because the image would just look flat compared to a completely flat image. Similarly, sharpening a corner of the image won’t be noticed that much, because we wouldn’t notice it in the original photo anyway. Conversely for the top right, a completely flat image will make the edges of the object very obvious, because there would be a slight difference in contrast, but there might not be enough pixel density or sharpness for us to see that. On the other hand, sharpening on the top left of the image will greatly improve the overall quality of the image.

If you zoom into an image and see how the image has been sharpened you might realize that not all edges are equally sharp.

This makes it very easy for you to correct this for your image. You can do this by opening your Photoshop file (or a similar program) and going into your image and selecting one or more edges in your image. Here’s an example for a very simple image:

You should see that it is now perfectly sharp!

There is also a third option of course (which you may prefer by far) that will alter the entire image (so it can be as sharp as you want) rather than sharpening a single line of the image. For some objects, it is very important to be able to “see” the whole image in the software (especially small objects like the edge of a water droplet which is barely visible through the transparent area of water). If you don’t want to alter the entire image, you may actually want to sharpen parts of your image as well. When you sharpen, the image will remain exactly as it was in the original image (with no change in the sharpness of some portion). This can be useful to see the original image, but without the added blur effect.

For more information on sharpening on Photoshop see this article.

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How do you sharpen an image on Photoshop? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Painterly Style
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