How do you take off clothes?

Why didn’t you wear any? Why did you dress very well? What’s going on! You’re the only sane girl there,” a girl yelled at her.

Another girl yelled back, “I want to be called ‘the crazy one,'” while several girls were yelling back, “You crazy! You crazy!”

The confrontation continued for the entire lunchtime. A security guard who happened to be working the lunchtime buffet was attacked by the mob.

During the incident, a security guard said, “I thought I was going to die today.”

Another victim said, “It was an explosion. A lot of people came running out with blood. People were crying. I had to give blood to two people who were bleeding from their heads. Others were bleeding from their feet. It looks like a battlefield. They’re shooting fireworks. It didn’t sound like anybody was getting hurt. This is an explosion.”

Several victims described feeling as if they were at a war zone.

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Another victim said, “People are looking at their phones and looking at Facebook. There are people with cameras on their faces. I heard them calling other people’s names and asking them to do things. We weren’t even walking when the bomb exploded.”

Some people took selfies, and some of the photos were so horrific, you may have sworn they are real.

“We weren’t even walking when the bomb exploded” — MELISSA SAVAGE (@MELISSA_Sav) June 16, 2016

Police said the suspect and the two suspects had a lengthy relationship. One suspect was already in custody, according to police sources.

Police are searching for a second suspect who has been identified by police as a juvenile male. He is considered armed and dangerous and is considered wanted.

The incident comes after a string of violent incidents last month, including in downtown Kansas City. Police say they are investigating what went wrong Saturday.


A new report has revealed that the first wave of “fake news” hoaxes to hit the political scene since President Trump was elected is currently sweeping the internet, causing confusion around the world and putting the lives of innocent people into jeopardy.

The study conducted over a period of two months by the Internet Research Agency revealed that in a period of 12 weeks, more than 1,000 hoaxes and false stories had “spread across the Internet in just

How do you take off clothes?
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