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When it comes to editing a book, the process might take as little as a week, perhaps as little as a day or two to complete it, depending on the volume of work. Editors typically begin the editing process by gathering the manuscript, then editing it in collaboration. For professional editors, this process often takes anywhere from one to two weeks to complete a project.

Can I submit two books at the same time?

Absolutely! We encourage you to do what you can to submit another book at the same time. The more books you submit, the more likely a project is to succeed once it is accepted.

Is there an age limit on submissions?

No. As long as your submissions stay in the “draft” phase, there should be no age restrictions on the types of manuscripts you submit.

Can I choose one title or many?

Of course. Choose one title you would like to submit in a public selection. Select a few titles from among the titles that are most in demand and include your name at the end. These titles (and all your submissions) will be listed in the book’s title pages, but not in the book’s introduction or title page (the first line in the book).

Do I have to have my manuscript professionally edited?

Yes, no matter what genre the book falls under. You are free to submit your manuscript free of charge (under a Creative Commons license, of course) and without technical or editorial edits or proofreading of any kind, though it may be necessary to request edits from some publishing houses to ensure accuracy. If you decide not to use professional editing services, feel free to include a short statement in the book’s closing blurb explaining why. But, if you’d like professional editing, we encourage you to work with one of the world’s top editors first to ensure it’s completed with the appropriate level of accuracy, and then, if your book is accepted, to send us the manuscript so we’ll be able to edit it.

Why should I submit my manuscript electronically?

Every manuscript is unique, and this is especially true when it comes to genres and content. Therefore, the more manuscripts you submit to us digitally, the more likely it is to be chosen for public publication.

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How do I submit my manuscript?

If your manuscript is submitted electronically, your submission will look as it did when you created it on the computer. Please be aware that if you are using your work on the internet from

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How long does it take for an editor to edit a book? – Learn Photo Editing Login Google Classroom
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