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It depends on the book and the style of the editorial copy. When it comes to the style of the article, which is a kind of a guide to the contents of the book you are reading, it’s often quite fast. A general rule when a book is edited is to take an average of an hour and change that number on your calendar each day. It may take less in some projects because you will know the subject beforehand and what you need to do if the text needs to be changed at the final edit.

A simple example is the case of writing a technical document, which would be an appendix for a document that has an existing title. With an existing book it is normally a very, very quick process to alter the title and make the document suitable for the specific text (and then copy-paste it into a document). With a new book, if you know exactly what you are doing, it can take a longer time. This is especially true for a book that is quite technical and might require a lot of manual work.

So this kind of work also takes some time. If you are planning to post a large project or edit large volumes of documents, the time needed to make the revisions may not be worth the effort. But if the content or the structure of the document are more complex than those of a simple technical document, you can easily edit the work and publish it in a blog with little or no time to lose.

What is the most common mistake made in my own writing or editing projects?

For me it is usually that you make an effort you didn’t think you should make and that you should improve your content. The way I have learned this is by putting an ad on the front page of the site (which only allows you to do up to 500 ad spaces at the same time), and going through the comments section, reading the other contributors and asking them to submit things you can improve in the comments section. But even if someone doesn’t comment, it just makes you wonder.

One of the mistakes I hear people make all the time is a belief that their work is perfect. When they get into editor’s mode and have a full head of hair, I often hear them claim their own work is so great that we can’t improve it because it clearly can’t possibly improve. But I have seen many cases where someone with a full head of hair and an expert knowledge of the topic had done a good job refining and improving the material they already wrote.
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How long does it take for an editor to edit a book? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Elements Of Art
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