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Krita, like GIMP, is intended to be an open source application for graphic authors, like photographers, writers, illustrators, photographers, writers, illustrators, photographers, graphic artists, graphic designers, photographers, photographers, graphic designers, graphic designers, gimp creators, graphic designers, gimp creators, graphics programmers, gimp programmers and gimp programmers).

Krita is not for gimp users.

Krita is meant to create professional looking, intuitive works of art. It’s free, it comes with a whole lot of options, it’s open source, it comes with lots and lots of options for different styles of art.

So Krita doesn’t have GIMP.

So, if Gimp was “better”, you’d say it should be more useful.

You can ask people to give you money to use Gimp if you want. But most Gimp users don’t want to give money to gimp developers, because they have other projects and some of them are very important parts of gimp, like the paint tool where you can do various kinds of painting, text rendering, etc.

Krita is not meant to be better than Gimp. That is not the point and this is how it should be.

The point is that Krita is “better” in a very specific sense. And there are some things that will only work with Krita.

Because gimp is a very specific tool. The way you do stuff, the way you render things on the screen, are very specific features.

And they aren’t easy to port to other programs. Krita doesn’t have all that many people who want to port gimp. So people are waiting. Or not waiting.

I can see a Gimp user going to look at it and say “I have a problem with this program. Its interface is not very intuitive.”

Then there’s something like the pixmaps and the way colors work, or the way colors work in the menu bar. You look at them, and say “I’m really confused by this. It may not be a problem. It may be a problem.

There’s not a clear line between what matters and what does not matter anymore.

Then Krita comes along… and you look at the menu bar and see the nice icons. You realize that the icons are more powerful

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Is Krita better than gimp? – Photo Editing Master Online
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