Is Krita better than gimp?

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I guess it depends what you mean by “better”.

While gimp makes you feel like an animal, Krita feels more like a picture editor, while you can choose what to change, and adjust the quality of the image, it doesn’t give you a total control over the quality, or the editing process. You have to use the editor tools and try to work around the limitations of your computer.

I find it easier to work with with the gimp editor than with the Krita editor because I know exactly what I am doing. However, when using the Krita editor as a program it can be extremely cumbersome and slow, and it does take a while for Krita to compile and run on my computer, and as a result the experience is not as great as Gimp.

Another difference is that I find the image processing capabilities of gimp to be much simpler. If I want to resize an image or apply a noise reduction filter to an image, I usually only need to use the “paint” tool. I don’t need to switch to the layer tools, and I usually don’t need to use anything other than the png editor.

If you are into painting, or have an interest in working with graphics that you find interesting, then gimp is probably the better choice. If you simply want to use a picture editor for all your editing needs, then krita would be a better choice.

In the end though, I am mostly interested in people’s opinions and I think there have been enough people that have tested the differences and liked gimp better, then gimp should win hands down.

I am curious to hear from you guys on this one. If you use either one, would you like to see them have a little competition?

So there was actually a competition for some time, and it was called “Krita/gimp Compete”. So one year or so back, the gimp community decided they wanted a contest! And so here we are, and here is our competition:

In November, 2015, a poll was opened to determine the winner. The poll is still available (click here).

We will choose one person (and a team of two for the team) to play against the winner. This person will get the honorific “Krytan Krita”.

The competition will last until the 30 November, 2015.

This will give us 48 hours

Is Krita better than gimp?
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