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Photo editing in 5 minutes: This quick video shows you how easy it is to make amazing photos in Lightroom 5. This video was created for people who want to learn how to make beautiful photography as easy as possible using a simple program. It is very easy to teach beginners to learn the camera’s features and editing software.

How to apply filters to your photos:

If you want to filter photographs in your photos and to change their appearance, you can use a couple of tools on your Windows PC which is free of cost: Photoshop and Lightroom.

Download and install Photoshop

Download and install Lightroom

Here are some tools that do the job perfectly in making beautiful photographs. Choose whatever you want from the list. It is quite hard to change the appearance of photos in Lightroom.

Use the filters

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You can create many nice filters in order to apply filters to your photographs. Below you can find a list of some of the more useful filters you can apply in Lightroom 5:

Invert colors: invert the colors in your images. By default colors are inverted; that makes the result look dark in comparison to other colors. Use this effect to make pictures bright and colorful.

Lighten skin tone by applying black, white, and gray color changes: Use this effect to soften skin tone to make objects more appealing and interesting.

Halo effect: This effect can be used to make objects appear a bit “shadowed” so that it appears as if the background is behind objects to make people seem “floating by” some objects.

Black, white, and gray colors as borders or accents: Use this effect for objects that can be considered as borders or accents but aren’t visible in the photograph.

Add a soft-focus effect: Apply this effect to your photographs to make objects look like they have a soft focus.


The effect on the background can make a photograph appear more beautiful when it is made with a certain amount of energy. The process of creating the image looks very similar to the process of photo editing.

The result will depend on the effects used.

Here is a detailed overview of the process of using this effect:

If there are two images, one image has a dark background and one image has a light background, the “Eco-fying” effect will make the foreground part of the background light

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Is Lightroom The best photo editor? – Photo Editing Master Online
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