Is Photoshop vector based or raster based?

The images can be done either way (or both), but if you want to share it on Facebook, you’ll want raster based, unless you want to share it on Facebook you know, you know, you know why would you want to share it on Facebook. I mean the entire reason why Facebook exists is for people to send stuff to other people, they just don’t want to share it to their Facebook wall.

As a graphic designer, what is your favorite vector tool on the PC and what do you prefer to use it with?

I have been using Adobe Photoshop for over 10 years, I love it. I like to use the vector tools to create designs and layouts on a computer. I prefer to import my design into Photoshop as an .svg file.

What was the process for converting this design to paper using the Illustrator document editor? How long did it take and how many files were saved? What type of content do you print on the sheets?

the editing practice - editing / writing / proofreading ...
The conversion was pretty quick, it was all done in about an hour, it was about 1250 sheets, all with color.

What is your favorite font used in the design? If I wanted to create a poster size logo, what is one type of font to use?

I prefer Comic Sans or Times New Roman. I like the way it looks.

What other design elements would you design for this project?

I would create the cover and the title for the book. I would have all the images. If I had to pick a poster size I would go with a 12″ x 36″.

If I could have two items for the book, what would they be?

A large poster and a small poster. I am a huge graphic design fan, so I would have a large poster and a small poster.

What do you like about your work? Do you think it’s important to take all the inspiration from both the real life world and our own imaginations?

The real world is incredible and the world’s most creative. But what makes us great is our capacity in thinking outside of the box. We have the ability to take the things from the everyday into our imagination and create wonderful things.

What is the most inspiring part of your job?

Creatively it is the opportunity to learn, to share, to create and learn from others who come and go. All of these are amazing and I really love what I do.


Is Photoshop vector based or raster based?
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