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I can’t say that I’m completely unfamiliar with the use of Photoshop for Windows. I’ve used it, albeit with some drawbacks, for a number of years. The fact that the company has discontinued its own Photoshop applications (which still retain the same interface and software tools) in favor of offering Photoshop for Mac and for the iPad, I have to ask if it is fair to suggest that Microsoft is dropping the opportunity to save money on Photoshop.

However, it should be noted that Adobe Photoshop has undergone significant changes since its last release. While most users are not likely to have upgraded to version 11 on a system of this age, it’s worth noting that many of the enhancements that the Mac version of Photoshop introduced (such as the new, better-looking effects in its Blender and PhotoShop plug-ins) have moved over to the iPad.

It’s no surprise that the last version of Adobe’s Photoshop plug-ins was released in 2004 and also included the aforementioned Blender plug-in. However, it should be noted that all plug-ins are open source and as such, you can use any version of the software regardless of whether or not it’s for sale or paid for. In fact, Adobe has been updating and tweaking these plug-ins so that they are optimized for iPad and Mac. This makes Adobe Photoshop the de facto standard by which all Photoshop users are to measure all other Photoshop editions.

It’s not uncommon for Adobe to release a new version of a plug-in that’s already optimized for the latest iPhone and iPad. For example, you can probably get the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CS6 for iPad and Mac thanks to a combination of an improved GUI and a more powerful plug-in engine. Another change that’s typically made to enhance the performance of Photoshop for iPad and Mac is the inclusion of the Adobe Lightroom plug-in for Mac.

I’m sure that Adobe Photoshop 7.x has improved the experience for most users and the company will be releasing a Photoshop 7.x update for the Mac in the near future. I personally prefer Photoshop 7.x, but Adobe is releasing these new versions not only because they are much quicker for Mac users, but also, to try to attract users who are not familiar with these older versions. In other words, the company was willing to move away from some of the more expensive features that were introduced in earlier versions of the software in order to make sure as many iPhone and Mac users as possible had a good time with the software

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Is there a free Photoshop for Windows? – Learn Photo Editing Lightroom
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