Is there a free version of Lightroom? – How To Learn Photo Editing In Lightroom Youtube Tutorial

Yes. We recommend using it in order to maximize your photos. However, it is a very lightweight tool and you never have to be worrying about anything else. The software is fully free and you can use it for free. Download the Lightroom Community Edition now to access our most popular and best-selling features!

When am I eligible for the Lightroom Community Edition?

The Lightroom Community Edition is free and open to all Lightroom users. This means that both personal and professional users can get access to the most popular features, including the full Lightroom Creative Cloud ecosystem, and more. You also own the Lightroom license in one of our Lightroom Community Edition licenses. For more information, check out our Lightroom Community Edition licensing page. If you don’t own a Lightroom Community Edition license at this time, please visit and enter your Lightroom license in the “Lightroom Community Edition” search box.

Does Lightroom automatically install all my files onto a local disk?

No. It is completely possible to install all your photos onto a local disk. For more information, check out our Lightroom Installation Guide.

Can I use Lightroom in another program?

Lightroom has been designed to seamlessly integrate with the Lightroom CC cloud. In our experience, Lightroom can never be the sole content provider for your photos. Lightroom is all about getting the best photo editing experience for your images. For more information, check out our Lightroom Integration Guide.

How does the Lightroom Community Edition work?

We highly recommend downloading the latest release of Lightroom Community Edition to start editing. After you download the latest Lightroom Community Edition installation, Lightroom will install itself automatically on all your computers, or you can choose to install Lightroom by using our Lightroom Community Edition (CC) installer. You can always restore your Lightroom files to their original state by using the Lightroom Manager, and you never have to download the program again. You can also restore your Lightroom files onto a local hard drive, if you prefer.

When was the Lightroom Community Edition released?

Lightroom Community Edition was released on January 4, 2017. This is the one year anniversary of the release of Lightroom Classic.

Does Lightroom Community Edition include all of the features of Lightroom CC?

No, Lightroom Community Edition is an update to the Lightroom CC community edition and we are making it available as an update to

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Is there a free version of Lightroom? – How To Learn Photo Editing In Lightroom Youtube Tutorial
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