Is VSCO Cam free? – Photo Editing Definition

Yes, VSCO is free. However, it has some limitation. You can’t share your video on social media sites like Twitter (though all pictures are available).

The best option for sharing videos outside Facebook and Youtube is to send them through email (via VSCO Video Mail). VSCO Video Mail is a free video mailing service that gives you the ability to mail DVDs, images, MP4 files and other video files.

What’s VSCO Video Mail free for?

The free version is very useful for students in school. However, there are some limitations. In addition there is an import price. For students, the price is $29.99. This version can not be used for teachers as they have to pay again.

How can I get Myself VSCO?

VSCO is free for everyone. But there are some limitations. First off you have to email a sample to Then the user will be able to create their own account through their email.

VSCO Video Mail is not a replacement for Google Drive. But it can serve as a great backup service if we need it.

How can I use VSCO Video Mail?

You can use VSCO Video Mail to send videos to your classmates. But it’s best if you send them the videos and a pdf copy. This way you can easily provide a reference.

What’s more, you would not be able to share the links yourself.

In other words, don’t worry about sharing. Only send the source.

How can I share a VSCO video?

First of all, download the VSCO app from the Appstore. Second, add your Facebook and Google accounts to your account. And finally, upload your video. For example, if you are a senior, you can upload one of your videos and send it to a junior.

You might be wondering how to send the links that way and what it is the advantage over Google Drive.

First of all, don’t do it. The app does not make it easy for you. You have to send your videos in plain text. In fact you must use HTML. Just to be safe.

How can I share a VSCO video using VSCO Video Mail?

VSCO Video and the Video Mail are two of the best solutions that enable you to share videos

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Is VSCO Cam free? – Photo Editing Definition
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