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The term “image editing tool” means all tools that help you to remove unwanted content that the user has attached to your application or application’s window.

You can use tools to remove photos, video or other images that the user doesn’t want to show on the screen.

Tools such as image filters or sharpening in general can remove unwanted visual elements from a scene or image.

If you have an application with multiple layers and multiple images, this includes image editing tools that can remove unwanted content.

Image editing tools include Photoshop, Lightroom etc.

How can I get images removed via image editing features?

The only way to remove images is by editing the images individually.

In order to do so, you need a special program — a program that is able to convert your images into the image formats that you use the images in.

All of these programs do this automatically. To take a different approach, download the program itself and run it. It is not in English. It is called “Photoshop” only, so you can’t just take the program that will convert the images into the other formats.
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You need Adobe’s Photoshop tool for that.

Here are some guides on how to download programs that convert images for you directly from Adobe:

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What are image editing tools? – Learnphotoediting.Net Login
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