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The writer has to decide on the idea of the story in a lucid, analytical way while also developing the characters, the world, and the action. It is essential that the writer has no other interests.

The writer has to find the story’s logic and make sure it goes to completion. Then, when the ideas flow in the author’s mind, he has to determine the story’s plot and develop the plot so it will satisfy the author’s desire.

When the writer has decided what the story is about, the writer has to organize the dialogue and set up the story accordingly. Finally, when all these things have been taken care of, the writer can begin to set up the structure, themes, and characters. The only thing that is missing is the script. This is the best time to make sure everything has been decided.

Step 5: Develop the Characters

The protagonist
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The protagonist is the person who has to carry out the story. He or she is the most important element. After the protagonist is developed, it is time to work the plot so, if the writer is unable to see the climax of the plot’s story, he or she might have to do some creative work to see the climax. Sometimes, the writer may choose an actor who is too much like another character in the film. (The writer can not choose who the main character will be based on his or her performance in the film.) In such cases, he or she could choose another person.

The main character

This character is the most important element because it determines the plot’s theme and is the main character’s main focus. The plot revolves around his or her inner life. When the protagonist loses or fails, the focus moves on and other characters develop. If the protagonist loses and the theme revolves around his or her personality growth and the development of the supporting characters, then the plot will not work.

The supporting characters

These characters have to be interesting and have a positive role within the story. They make the main character believable and also provide him or her a place to go in the story. Also, they add a new dimension for the main characters to play. The plot is built around the support characters since the main character is the main focus of them.

The antagonist

This character must be an antagonist. He or she is the one that tries to stop the main character from completing the story, and hence his or her plot points. The antagonist must have good motivations and

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What are the 5 stages of the writing process? – Learn Photo Editing Reviewsnap Comcast Phone
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