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First, we ask ourselves whether the work we are about to write will be a hit. If the answer is true, we must begin to ask the question, “what makes a hit work?” Next, we create a “working script” that we all agree will be an entertaining, yet true reflection of our characters’ journey. Then, we write the first draft, and start rewriting until everything reads like the first draft, but feels as though it could have been a whole book before we even started the process. At this point, we take a break and begin a process of “refining.” We try to improve on and improve our drafts until they are a clear and cohesive portrait of each character, but we do not stop until all elements are at their best and the movie is ready to be viewed publicly.

There are two basic ways to revise an existing work. Firstly, we can look at new ideas, and try new things out in a new piece. Secondly, we can revise our old stuff. If our process is to create new work with our characters, then it makes sense to revise old material. While revising in this manner will require constant and thorough attention to the script, it does not require the same level of expertise from your audience that reading the book will require.

How do I write something that I’m going to see the world of?

It is no less important to craft a story that can be seen by an audience in the world of your film than it is to craft a story that will give a clear picture of your project, who you think the audience will be, and what your vision for world is. In the beginning, we are primarily concerned with developing a clear understanding of our characters and their situation, not necessarily of the world.

Do I need to find an expert on a theme?

No, but find someone who will help you with your work so you can be in a position to collaborate. In the beginning, there are usually a lot of writers that offer their advice in advance on what you should be working with, but you can start asking yourself this question now. After all, a lot of your work will come to you when you are in the position to do so.

Will the script be written by three writers?

No, the writers come in and out, and depending on what you seek (an editor, a character designer, a production designer, etc.) may be one person or a small group writing simultaneously.


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What are the 5 stages of the writing process? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Elements Of Art Poster
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