What are the basics of image editing? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Elements Of Art Definition

Image editing is an artistic craft that relies in using the tools, colors and curves that allow the image to create all sorts of artistic effects. In this article, I will teach you how to edit photos in Photoshop.

The majority of the steps are very similar to the editing of other kinds of photographs that you are probably accustomed to, such as enhancing photos, cropping photos or merging photos.

So what are the basic things that need done during your photo editing?

1. Selection

One thing you need to know before starting to go deeper is how to select photos from a photo album, gallery or from photos. Basically, you need to determine when to delete photos or take them further away from other photos.

2. Color and Tone

Color and Tone are important factors that need to be taken into consideration during making color adjustments. If done properly, there should be an obvious difference in colors between the two photos.

3. Alignment

Alignment can be important during editing. It is essential that the angle of photo is identical and there shouldn’t exist any differences in the perspective. In other words, the perspective should be perfectly aligned.

4. Brightness and Contrast

For the Brightness and Contrast, the most important is keeping the Brightness and Contrast at their maximum values. If done wrong, the brightness might get out of control and it could result in image that looks too bright or distorted. Also, the contrast might get out of proportion.

5. Balance

If a photo has no contrast, it may fall into the “Bokeh” style of photography. Another important thing here is creating a balance between the two photographs.

6. Image Depth

As a user, you probably understand that there shouldn’t be any sharp edges in an image, but if you see this in pictures, we tend to go deeper and deeper. This can create a blurred look. On the other hand, if an image has only edges, this can give an artistic appeal to the photo.

7. Exposure

In order to find good exposure for your photo, it is important to understand what to look for. Some of the images that I have used to enhance and photograph are using a Canon Camera and a Canon digital camera.

The reason of this is that Canon cameras have an exposure compensation setting that is more suitable for photos. This is done by adjusting the color saturation with the Exposure Compensation control that comes under Options/Advanced

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What are the basics of image editing? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Elements Of Art Definition
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